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... learning from and teaching our fellow stewards of the earth green, affordable, self-sufficient living practices to provide a sustainable environment for the future of our world.

Affordable Green Living

'Be the change you want to see in the world' ~ Gandhi

Eco-Nomics represents a large and growing group of like-minded individuals, who choose environmentally sustainable, frugal, self-sufficient, independent lifestyles, and thus to become and remain truly free.

'You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today' ~ Abraham Lincoln

Too many of us take our natural resources for granted, but continuing to do so cannot go on forever. All this talk about affordable green living sounds all well and good, but until we as individuals actually do something about it, all it will ever be is talk. We cannot expect human laws, governments and everyone else to do all the work for us, nor can we honestly blame everyone else for the negative environmental effects of their lifestyles, without taking some credit for the negative effects of our own. Change begins at home, with each individual, who must begin making changes in their own lives, so as to plant the seeds of tomorrow by setting a good example today -- because even little steps taken by many individuals can make a big difference for us all.

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